Foundation of Tenax SA

Founded on August 19, 1971, Tenax SA is registered with the Trade Register of the Franches-Montagnes district as a public limited company whose purpose is the machining of precision mechanical and micromechanical parts.

Louis Roy is appointed director.

The promiscuity of its premises encouraged Tenax SA to acquire a plot of 1550 m2 in 1989 with a view to constructing its own building.

While Laurence, daughter of Louis joined the company in 1991 to take care of the administrative part, the eldest of the children of Louis, Matthieu will join Tenax the following year to support his father. From now on, Tenax SA asserts itself as an independent family company.


Building project

Tenax SA - Historique - 1995 - Nouveau bâtiment


New building

The construction of the new factory began in July 1995 and the following year Tenax moved into its new modern and spacious premises, which it still occupies to this day. From then on, the company invested in a fleet of more modern technology machines such as digital.

By dint of experience and rigor, Tenax SA has acquired very specialized know-how in fine mechanics and micromechanics. Production was fully computerized in 2004 and regularly modernized.

Matthieu took over the management in 2006 alongside Louis who remained deputy director; he will also become Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2009.

In October 2012, the company expanded its machine park by acquiring a Mori Seiki multi-axis machining center, a major investment for our small company.


Machining center


Certification process

Tenax SA launched the certification process in 2014, but the process was suspended in 2015 due to unfavorable economic conditions.

Despite his age Louis will continue his activity until his death in January 2015, leaving the company in the hands of Matthieu, director and Laurence, administrative manager.



In 2021, we celebrated 50 years of Tenax SA.

Our company has twelve employees, ten of whom are in production. As a generalist in the mechanical field, we constantly strive to maintain state-of-the-art technological know-how.

Our team, made up of both young professionals and experienced mechanics, all exclusively qualified, is committed on a daily basis to responding rigorously to an ever more demanding clientele.

Our daily life is made up of new challenges to be met and this is a source of motivation for all employees.