Our specializations

Tenax SA produces prototypes, intricate jigs and fixtures, tooling, inspection gauges and performs tricky machining operations. We also produce small and medium-sized series miling and turning runs.

Given the work executed in the workshops, the company offers the complete range in this sector and has a high level of professional skill. The variety of work, which is often extremely complex, is a major source of interest, motivation and satisfaction.

We stand out from our competitors by our ability to produce high precision parts and units of small dimensions in small to medium series runs.

Our domains

Performing such activities demands a high level of skill and our strength is based on two major aspects : a highly qualified team of engineers and know-how based on many years’ experience.

We are involved in activities, including horology, industrial automation, research, machinery, metrology, medical and aeronautical precision instruments and the like.

Apart from machining steels, the company has expertise in turning materials that are difficult to work with, such as nickel and titanium alloys and stainless steel for the medical and aircraft sectors, as well as high-performance plastics.

High precision, flexibility and quality are the absolute priorities for us, we continously strive towards optimising our performance.

We therefore adapt to the needs of the clientele and therefore also present the characteristics of a service company.

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